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Tuesday July 29, 2008
A southern Ontario man accused of killing a pedestrian while street racing almost two years ago is scheduled to appear Monday in a Hamilton court for the start of his trial.

The victim, Matthew Power, 21, was torn in half by a speeding vehicle in November 2006 as he crossed a Hamilton street at an intersection after watching a hockey game with friends.

Andre Telesford, 30, of Orillia, is accused of dangerous driving causing death and could face up to 14 years in prison.

Power's mother, Adrienne Seggie, told CBC News on Monday she hadn't slept the night before in anticipation of the first day in court.

"The anxiety of waiting for the trial has been exhausting," said Seggie, who last year walked 470 kilometres from her home in Brampton to Ottawa to raise awareness over street racing sentences.

Seggie called some of the street-racing sentences handed out in Ontario "absolutely ludicrous," saying they did not reflect the true pain families have experienced from losing a loved one needlessly.

Since 1999, it's estimated that 38 people have been killed by street racing in Ontario. Last year, the province brought in new laws giving police more discretionary powers, such as the ability to impound vehicles suspected of street racing on the spot and imposing strict fines on drivers. More...

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Trial for alleged street racing death begins
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