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Dalton McGuinty Cartoon Gallery
Dalton James Patrick
McGuinty Jr. (born July
19, 1955, in Ottawa,
Ontario) is a Canadian
lawyer and politician and,
since October 23, 2003,
Premier of Ontario.

The son of politician and
professor Dalton
McGuinty Sr. and
full-time nurse Elizabeth
McGuinty, McGuinty
grew up in a large Irish
Canadian Catholic family
with nine brothers and
sisters. He studied
biology and earned a
B.Sc. from McMaster
University and a law
degree from the
University of Ottawa
before practising law in

McGuinty is generally
regarded as a moderate
fiscal conservative. He
has stated that his top
objective is drawing more
international investment
to Ontario, and has
targeted a balanced
provincial budget by
2008-09 year. Although
his government raised
personal taxes in its first
budget, the budget also
included a plan to
eliminate the province's
tax on the capital of
corporations in order to
encourage investment.

McGuinty holds
progressive views on
social issues. He supports
abortion rights, and
endorsed equal marriage
for same-sex couples
during the 2003 election.
In early 2005, his
government passed
legislation confirming the
legal status same-sex
marriage in Ontario.

McGuinty is the
Ottawa-born bilingual
son of a francophone
mother and an
anglophone father. He is
married to high school
sweetheart Terri
McGuinty, an elementary
school teacher. The
couple have four children:
Carleen, Dalton, Liam
and Connor. Since 2004,
his brother David has
represented the riding of
Ottawa South in the
Canadian House of

He is the twenty-fourth
premier of Ontario, and
only the second Roman
Catholic to hold this
office. The first was John
Sandfield Macdonald,
who served as premier
from 1867 to 1871.
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