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Saturday July 10, 2010
It was so hot in the city yesterday that no one had the energy to perform even basic Hamilton functions, such as coming up with a new stadium proposal.

Alarmingly, we haven't had a new scheme to consider since Tuesday. Hey, step up, civic and business leadership. Float something; twice today, to make up for yesterday.

It was so hot Ticat owner Bob Young took off his ever-present cap to use it as a fan, and $74 million fell off the top of his head. For a new ... OK, let's say it all at once, staaaaaaadium, but this time, on the Mountain.

Of course, city council instantly started sniffing like a dog over a puddle of antifreeze. Wuf, wuf, 74 million dollars! Could this save the bid and keep the football team here after all?

It was so hot yesterday that when Hamilton opened the door to call the Cats back in, the egg on our face fried.

It was so hot yesterday it felt like North Carolina, where Bob Young lives. They say that to a hammer, everything looks like a nail. And to a megamillionaire everything looks like a branch plant. Putty in the hands.

If Young gets his way and succeeds in pushing council off its West Harbour salient, what will it mean? For one, most likely, it will give the bye-bye to near-future hopes of downtown renewal and light rapid transit. More good news for the box store and power centre set. Funny how that works, isn't it? Continued...

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