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The Hamilton Spectator
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Wednesday January 13, 2010
The historic Century Theatre has been on a Hamilton heritage committee watch list for two years because of concerns around inaction on the project.

And downtown councillor Bob Bratina wants the city to conduct a blitz on all suspect buildings in the core to bring a clear picture back to council about their current condition.

As well, he'll be asking city staff why buildings such as the Century are not being inspected.

The Century could come down as early as today after the city deemed the building unsafe last Thursday.

The front section of the roof on the Mary Street structure and inside floors have collapsed.

Officials are waiting for an engineer's report the city ordered the building's owner, Zoran Cocov, to have conducted. That report is expected today.

Art French, chairperson of the Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee, said the Century was not put on the watchlist due to structural concerns, but because of concerns that nothing was being done on the project.

But Matt Jelly, a local artist who started a Facebook group on the Century after hearing it would come down, says the ball was dropped when it came to saving the theatre.

"I think more so the issue for me is what led to a situation where the building can't be restored," he said. Source...

Century Theatre Crumbles
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