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Tuesday November 3, 2009
At first, he played hard to get. Technically, he'd made a promise to another. And it was far from clear that their families would approve of their secret meetings.

But eventually, Peter MacKay was ready to go public about his new partner back in the fall of 2003, when the then-leader of the Progressive Conservatives revealed that he was in negotiations to marry the old Tory party with Stephen Harper and the Canadian Alliance.

MacKay, whose instrumental role in uniting the two parties is often forgotten, revealed over the weekend that marriage is on his mind again, this time with CTV executive Jana Juginovic.

MacKay, 44, now defence minister, reportedly proposed to Juginovic in Boston over the weekend, where she is attending Harvard University this year on a Nieman journalism fellowship.

Juginovic is a respected journalist who first met MacKay when she worked in Ottawa as a senior producer with CTV's political broadcasts. But the two are believed to have started dating only after she moved to Toronto a few years ago, and after his very public breakup with Belinda Stronach.

Juginovic, 35, is a political science graduate from Simon Fraser University, who also studied journalism at Ryerson, and who has held a series of increasingly senior positions at CTV. Continued....

Happy ending for the Love Tory?
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