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Friday June 26, 2009
Ontario's government-run liquor stores and unionized employees have reached a tentative deal, averting a strike during the peak summer sales period.

The deal comes after negotiators from both sides pushed past a midnight deadline.

The key negotiating issue for the union was fighting for the rights of casual workers.

The union has said those employees don't receive vacation, sick time or benefits, and can be called in to work as little as two hours at a time.

A source close to the talks says terms of the deal include benefits for casual workers and more opportunities for full-time jobs.

Employees are working feverishly to replenish supplies after the threat of a strike prompted a run on booze across the province.

The union's bargaining team unanimously agreed on the deal and is planning a ratification vote as soon as possible.

Long line-ups of customers with full carts at some downtown outlets gave way to a calm restocking of shelves and a more typical trickle of business.

A strike would have been the first in LCBO history.

As the stores neared closing time last night, worried shoppers stripped shelves bare at some outlets, including the large store at Yonge St. and Summerhill Ave. Vodka in particular was hit hard there. Continued....

LCBO and union reach deal
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