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Tuesday May 19, 2009
Now, there's been a lot of talk about the mighty Canadian stimulus project taking a long time to launch. And it's true the construction season has been open for at least a month without cash flowing while the size of the workforce in that sector continues to tank.

It's no secret Infrastructure Minister John Baird had seethed at the slow initial pace of progress, angrily pointing to a sign on his desk that reads "It Can Be Done" whenever a bureaucratic objection or obstacle was raised to stem cash flow the managers fear might be open to abuse.

There's even speculation the retirement of Kevin Lynch as the federal government's top bureaucrat was accelerated by the need to put somebody in the job who would get money flowing faster into the construction sector.

Officials in Mr. Baird's office confide they are delighted by the changing of the top guard. And how they love the anecdotal stories of eager people outside of Parliament Hill who are poised to unleash spending.

There's the B. C. mayor who put a steel purchase on his own credit card to get projects going ahead of the paperwork. And there's a Parks Canada official who quickly cut down trees for a highway widening shortly after the budget passed, worried that project approval would be delayed until bird-nesting season, when he'd face a ban on tree removal. Source.

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