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Tuesday March 3, 2009
It appears Michael Ignatieff's brief honeymoon with the Tories is over.

The Conservatives are preparing a series of attack ads targeting the Liberal leader by going through hundreds of hours of video clips of his speeches and interviews, according to the Canadian Press.

They hope to glean more fodder for their campaign by mining a lifetime of Ignatieff's musings from his career as a public intellectual.

The Tories already have some anti-Ignatieff ads ready to go.

Ignatieff has thus far been spared the torment directed at his predecessor, Stéphane Dion, say the Conservatives, because they needed his support for their budget in January.

Also, given the economic downturn, two government officials said there was little public tolerance for political partisanship or rhetoric.

On CBC's Politics with Don Newman, Conservative strategist Jaime Watt said he didn't know of any plans to run negative ads about Ignatieff, "but it's fair to look at leaders' records — to look at what they've said and what they've written." Source.

Conservatives to Attack Ad Ignatieff
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