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Friday February 27, 2009
Residents of the Beach Strip are worried about their pets and toddlers after a spate of coyote sightings.

The coyotes have been acting unusually aggressively in recent weeks -- walking down sidewalks in broad daylight, eyeing residents from their back yards, sleeping on porches and attacking pets. Some residents say they have to check for coyotes every time they walk out their front doors.

The city's animal control department believes the cold winter has forced coyotes into the neighbourhood in search of food. They say the animals have grown dependent on humans -- especially those who have been feeding them.

Yesterday afternoon, police and animal control tried unsuccessfully to trap one of the coyotes found roaming the strip. Now they're calling in a wildlife trapper to deal with coyotes prowling the neighbourhood.

Carolynne Cole was pulling out of her Beach Strip driveway Monday morning when her 11-year-old daughter spotted a coyote pacing towards them.

"It was walking down the sidewalk not even 10 feet away," said Cole.

Yesterday afternoon, her daughter had to leave the playground across the street from their home because a coyote wouldn't stop prowling around its perimeter. Source.

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