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Monday February 23, 2009
The city's plan to spend $60 million to build a Pan Am stadium and velodrome in the west harbour is expected to be overwhelmingly endorsed by council today.

Even the deal's most vocal critic, Councillor Sam Merulla, is walking in expecting to lose in a 13-3 vote.

Mayor Fred Eisenberger isn't willing to predict numbers but he is banking on a strong show of support from council.

"I think there is majority support for this."

For a council known for split decisions, Eisenberger believes today's vote will send a powerful message to the community and outside observers.

It tells residents that the city "isn't prepared to fold its tent and just fill potholes" in the face of an economic downturn, he said.

"It's also a signal to other levels of government that we're willing to be a partner ... it lets people know this council has vision."

But Merulla believes "history will show this will be one of the biggest mistakes this city has ever made." Source.

Council poised for $60m Pan Am commitment
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