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Monday February 9, 2009
The road to a showdown over whether Hamilton should be part of the 2015 Pan Am Games bid is going to get bumpier as the deadline for a decision draws near.

Sam Merulla, the cocky wave-making councillor, argues there's no way the city can afford to pay $94 million toward building a new $150-million stadium when it has broken watermains, flooded basements and rotten roads to fix.

Calling it "the mother of all unfocused priorities," Merulla says he'll have the votes to kill the plan when it goes before councillors Feb. 23.

Leading the pro-games charge: Fred Eisenberger, our measured but hopeful mayor.

This isn't just about a new stadium to replace the creaking Ivor Wynne, says Mayor Fred.

This is about telling the province and everyone else this city has a vision and faith in the future.

"I think it's a fundamental signal that we still aspire to make our city better."

Eisenberger will be "shocked and surprised" if Merulla cobbles together enough votes to knock Hamilton out of participating in the Toronto/southern Ontario bid.

"My signals tell me that there's a majority of members of council that are supportive of moving forward," says Eisenberger, who intends fighting to keep it that way before the big vote. Source.

Pan Am: 'Mother of unfocused priorities?'
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