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Friday January 23, 2009
Hamilton will have to top up financing by as much as $50 million to win a Pan Am Games stadium big enough to be a permanent home for the Ticats.

The Toronto 2015 bid company is budgeting for a 10,000- to 15,000-seat venue.

That's much smaller than the 24,000 to 27,000 seat capacity the city is seeking.

It has always been the city's hope that a Pan Am Games bid would lead to a stadium big enough to be a new home for the Ticats.

Bid company president Jagoda Pike stresses the priority is to develop a plan based on the Games' needs.

"We can't go beyond what is required for the Games" in terms of financing, she stressed.

Pike noted that plans "grander" than Pan Am needs will have to find other sources to cover extras.

Hamilton is among a handful of cities asking for larger facilities than the Pan Am criteria demand.

If Toronto 2015 budgets only $100 million for a track and field facility, Hamilton's bill for a larger stadium would rise dramatically. The bid corporation would pick up 56 per cent of the capital cost, or $56 million. The city would have to pull together the remainder for the proposed $150-million showpiece, $94 million. Source.

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