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Friday October 31, 2008
This Halloween, you can look like Sarah Palin for as little as 99 cents, not counting, of course, the Neiman Marcus sleeve jacket.

Managers of costume stores agree the Alaska governor is hot.

The most sizzling presidential contest in half a century has been reflected in Halloween wear, both locally and nationally. Sales of Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain masks are brisk.

Sarah Palin masks would be selling even better if you could find them.

"We had Palin masks two weeks ago, but we sold out within a few days," said Karen Miller, assistant manager at Party City at Medallion Center in northeast Dallas.

"Right now I have a few Obamas and a few McCains, and that's it."

Buycostumes.com offered 99-cent paper masks of Ms. Palin within four days of when she was picked to be McCain's running mate. It has since sold 4,000, said Karen Van Ert, marketing director of the online store, based in New Berlin, Wis.

"We put together Sarah Palin kits" with wigs and glasses "early last week, but we're completely sold out," she said.

Rubie's Costumes, based in Queen's, N.Y., offered latex Palin masks right after the Republican National Convention in early September.

"We went through our entire production in four days. I've never seen a political costume sell out that quickly," said executive vice president Howard Beige. More...

Sarah Palin costumes in high demand
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