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Saturday June 7, 2008
The Hockey Night in Canada theme song, considered by many as this country's “second anthem,” has been silenced after talks between its creator and the CBC broke down late Friday afternoon.

Kevin Kemp, a lawyer representing composer Dolores Claman, said the broadcaster stopped the process: “We asked for a meeting to continue negotiations,” he said. “They weren't prepared to agree to that.”

Just a few hours later, the CBC put out a statement saying that the broadcaster was “saddened” that it couldn't reach a deal, and formally announcing a competition for a new theme song. The winner will receive $100,000.

The Hockey Night in Canada theme was written by Ms. Claman in 1968, and went on to become one of the most recognized tunes in the world. The future of the song has hung in the balance since 2004, when Ms. Claman and her agent sued the CBC, charging that they had used it in ways that were not covered by their contract.

Months of talks between the CBC and Ms. Claman's representative, Toronto agent John Ciccone, ultimately proved fruitless. This week, CBC producer Scott Moore announced that the broadcaster would hold a competition to choose a new song if an agreement could not be reached with Ms. Claman.

At 4.59 p.m. Friday, one minute before an announced deadline of 5 p.m., Mr. Moore told Ms. Claman's agent that they were not prepared to amend their previous offer for the continued rights to the song, and would go ahead with the proposed competition to find a replacement. More...

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R.I.P. Hockey Night in Canada theme song
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