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Tuesday April 22, 2008
Ontario smokers will soon have to thumb through a binder to pick the brand of their choice at convenience stores as the province ushers in a ban on cigarette displays which the government says is necessary to save lives despite growing concern among store owners.

While Ontario's 10,000 convenience stores say half of them won't be ready to hide all their smokes by the province's May 31 deadline, Premier Dalton McGuinty said businesses have had years to comply with new rules which he said will making smoking less of a temptation for kids.

"This is a health issue," McGuinty said.

"Don't we have to put health first? You ask any parents - smokers and non-smokers alike - 'Do you want your kids to start smoking?' They'll all give you the same answer, 'Of course I don't.'

"Science has demonstrated that these power walls are effective at enticing kids so we want to get beyond that."

The new ban prevents all tobacco products from being displayed in any way and prohibits customers from even touching them before they're paid for. The province says store owners have to make sure tobacco products aren't displayed to any potential customer at any time, including during restocking or inventory checks. Source...

Pending ban on cigarette displays
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