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Friday October 5, 2007
Barring a miracle, John Tory's Conservatives cannot win next week's election. He set his own defeat in motion this summer when he decided to promote public funding for all religious schools. He effectively acknowledged that defeat on Monday when he backed away from this promise.

In the dying days of this campaign, he is doing his best to make voters think of something else. There is an air of desperation in his television ads as he talks of crime, leadership and health care anything but religious schools.

At a Star editorial board meeting this week, he burst into what participants said were genuine tears as he recounted the appalling story of a young man he met who suffered brain damage from a routine tonsillectomy (and who, if Tory's recounting is accurate, should sue for malpractice).

But it is almost certainly too late. It took the Ontario electorate a long time to pay attention to what, up until now, has been one of the dullest election campaigns on record.

When they did, when they connected the fact that the John Tory who wanted religious school funding (which most don't like) was the same John Tory who wanted to be premier, they began to move away from his party.

His decision to fall on his sword, while too late, was a noble gesture. After this campaign is long dead, one or two Conservatives may thank him for that. Source.

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