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Wednesday September 12, 2007
This Monday marked the official day the race to the polls began.

It comes exactly a month before we head to the voting booths and allows election signs to begin sprouting across the province. PC leader John Tory's public funding for faith-based schools appears to be the centerpiece of the campaign. Those who support it are fervently in favour, while others are opposed to footing the bill for someone else's religious teaching.

Tory argues it's a point of fundamental fairness and that giving money solely to one group - in this case, the Catholic system - is unfair. The Liberals counter it will take dollars away from public schools, create division and weaken education. The NDP is also opposed to the idea, while the Green Party wants a single public system for everyone.

And all the others are going after McGuinty on a record of broken promises and what they charge is a poor performance, wondering why the 71 promises on the Liberal platform weren't already initiated by the ruling party - and whether you can trust the new ones will be implemented.

But it's the funding question that may be the determining factor one way or the other on October 10th. A new Ipsos Reid poll finds if the vote were held today, the Liberals would win a slight majority, with 41 per cent support. The Conservatives would be second at 36 per cent. And the NDP and the Greens would be bringing up the rear at 17 and 6 per cent respectively. The survey also shows a full 62 per cent oppose faith-based funding, while only 35 per cent support it. Source...

Faith-Based School Funding: the hot issue
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