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Tuesday August 14, 2007
There is something seriously wrong when, during a time of record profits and extreme wealth, we can't afford to build and maintain Toronto's infrastructure. There is something seriously wrong when we seek to solve our problems by impoverishing others. Temporary and full-time city employees did not cause the cash crisis. So who did?

Take a look in the mirror. We did and the tax-cutters we voted in did. Governments have been telling us some pretty boldfaced lies over the past decade. Remember the one about downloading? Wasn't that supposed to be "revenue neutral"? Remember the one about "tax cuts paying for themselves"? The promise of tax cuts was that "all boats would rise" in the booming economy. As we've seen, only the luxury liners are rising and everyone else is sinking in their wake.

Tax cuts and endless tax freezes have created this cash crisis. People forget that tax cuts for the working person were a smokescreen for big tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

So now we're going to solve this crisis by slashing part-time jobs that the working poor need just to get by?

It is impossible to cut or freeze taxes indefinitely and still have a civil and just society. When you slash public-sector services or wages and benefits, or contract services out to low-wage contractors, all you get is hollowed-out cities. Take a look south of the border to see what happened when American cities went along this path. Source...

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