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Wednesday August 8, 2007
When voters go to the polls on Oct. 10, they will make two crucial decisions. First, they will be choosing the next Ontario government and, second, they will be passing judgment on the voting process itself.

A special referendum on electoral reform, to be held at the same time as the general election, will pit Ontario's current "first-past-the-post" system against a form of proportional representation called "mixed member proportional." The differences are significant, and any change could dramatically alter Ontario's political landscape.

That's why all Ontarians should ensure they know what they are voting for before they mark their ballots. As complex as electoral reform might seem to many voters, this issue is too important a decision to be left to a snap judgment in a polling booth.

A good place to start is www.yourbigdecision.ca, a neutral website unveiled last week by Elections Ontario to educate voters about the referendum. It sets out the choices simply and clearly, and explains the minimum threshold the government has set for scrapping the current voting system and adopting the new proposal. Source...

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Cast a smart vote on election reform
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