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Monday July 23, 2007
On a visit to Cambridge yesterday, John Tory said he plans to continue his relentless campaigning even though there are almost three months go to before the Oct. 10 provincial election.

Asked if he plans to take a week off before the summer is over, the Opposition leader said: "I doubt it. I think if I tried to take a whole week, I would both drive myself crazy and perhaps drive my wife crazy. I'll take a day here and a day there, and I find that's very restful."

The leader of the Progressive Conservatives had no criticism of Premier Dalton McGuinty for vacationing at his cottage for about the last two weeks, saying he "obviously has to make his own decision about how he spends his own time . . . everybody has to do their own thing."

In his case, however, Tory prefers being out on the hustings, talking to as many Ontarians in the run-up to the election.

Tory made his remarks yesterday after a tour of the Grand River Foods processing plant.

Tory, 53, took one day off the campaign after Canada Day and hasn't had a vacation since last year, in the week between Christmas and New Year's. Source...

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Tory on the hustings until Oct. 10 vote