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Thursday, May 10, 2007
NDP and Conservative opposition politicians at Queen's Park have sent an "unprecedented" joint letter to the auditor general asking him to probe a $32-million Liberal "slush fund" and report back before the next provincial election.

Conservative Leader John Tory said he intends to campaign on accountability and believes voters have the right to know before they head to the polls how the Dalton McGuinty government doled out the grant money.

NDP Leader Howard Hampton said the government has failed to provide even basic information on the application process.

It took an entire day of questioning from reporters and opposition members before Citizenship and Immigration Minister Mike Colle, who oversaw the controversial grants program, would confirm he had not offered his resignation to the premier's office.

"This is a government that refuses to acknowledge any kind of democratic accountability, democratic transparency or respect for the public," Hampton said.

The missive to Auditor General Jim McCarter is the latest in a series of opposition tactics and the business of Queen's Park has been ground to a near halt by the endless bell ringing and other ploys employed to draw attention to this issue. Source...

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Opposition demands probe of 'slush fund'