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Saturday, April 28, 2007
One of this country's most respected environmentalists took his concerns about Ottawa's greenhouse gas strategy straight to the environment minister.

David Suzuki confronted Environment Minister John Baird in the audience at an environmental consumer show in Toronto on Friday where both were speaking. Suzuki, who cut a path through the crowd to reach the minister, told Baird the regulations announced Thursday were a "disappointment."

Meanwhile, Ontario’s premier has told critics of an edgy ad campaign for energy conservation to “flick off,” suggesting they’re missing the point of the green ads.

“Apparently, it may have offended the sensibilities of some,” Premier Dalton McGuinty said Friday, referring to the province’s decision to invest $500,000 in a web-based campaign (flickoff.org) that plays on the “f” word in a bid to encourage young people to reduce greenhouse gases by conserving energy.

“If people want to take offence at something, don’t take offence at the ‘flick off’ campaign. Take offence at the fact that we are, as a species, raising the temperature on our planet.” Source...

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David Suzuki vs. John Baird