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Monday February 26, 2007
Canada may move towards the British system of a special counsel model to deal with those detained under national security certificates, suggests Public Safety minister Stockwell Day.

"I think this is a bit early, but I think these provisions are something that's attainable, again, if we can get support from the Liberals," Stockwell Day told CTV's Question Period on Sunday.

Day was reacting to Friday's Supreme Court of Canada decision which struck down key provisions of national security certificates, used to detain suspected terrorists and others who threaten national security.

The court unanimously ruled the certificates used violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms because they didn't allow those held access to the evidence against them.

But after the ruling, Day seemed to downplay the impact of the court's decision. He said the government will review the decision and suggested that it should be read as upholding the "general principle" of security certificates, while requiring some reforms.

Day said he agreed with an editorial in Saturday's Globe and Mail, which said the high court still maintains it is legitimate to detain, indefinitely, non-citizens suspected of being terrorists -- "as long as they have a meaningful review process." Source...

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Security certificate system to be revamped: Day