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Saturday February 17, 2007
Environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki says it defies common sense that the federal government would have to consider legislating itself to comply with the Kyoto Protocol, especially since Canada has already signed on.

"I am astonished that there had to be this act," Suzuki said during a stop in Toronto as part of a cross-country tour to promote discussion about climate change and environmental issues.

"Is Canada a responsible member of an international community or not?" Suzuki asked. "We're signed on to it and it is now law internationally, and it seems to me the only choice is, let's see how close we can come to this target."

From coast to coast this month, Suzuki is asking Canadians to give him their message on the environment.

Suzuki's "If You Were Prime Minister..." national tour arrives in Hamilton tomorrow for an evening of discussion, music and entertainment at Hamilton Place.

Suzuki said the time is ripe for implementing strong environmental legislation because Canadians are saying they want action now. Continued...

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David Suzuki comes to Hamilton