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Thursday December 14, 2006
A bill to give Ontario MPPs a hefty pay raise passed first reading in the provincial legislature Tuesday night by a strong margin.

Members of both the governing Liberals and opposition Conservatives voted in favour of the bill which would add 25 per cent to the paycheques of politicians.

Only members of the New Democratic Party voted against the motion with Leader Howard Hampton calling the introduction and vote "a very underhanded process," The Globe and Mail reported.

If the bill passes all three readings in the legislature and is approved, the base annual salary for a provincial politician will jump to $110,775 from the current $88,771.

New Democrats voted against the bill Tuesday night, but their numbers were far from enough to block the bill in the face of Liberal and Conservative support.

NDP Leader Howard Hampton said MPPs should not be getting a 31% increase in their overall compensation when so many workers in the province are losing their jobs. Source...

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Ontario MPP pay raise passes first hurdle