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Debate Thrills
Canadians may be disillusioned with their politicians and the electoral system, but at the end of the day, their best recourse is to vote. Whatever is wrong with the system, staying away from the polls won’t fix it.

With the federal election only weeks away, concerns about voter apathy, particularly among young people, have surfaced. Elections Canada has launched a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign to address the low voter turnout in the last election. In 2000, that sank to an all-time 61.2 per cent low, with only 25.4 per cent of 18-24 year-olds casting ballots.

This lacklustre participation at the polls isn’t surprising. For years, sociologists in Canada, the U.S. and Britain have been saying increasing urban populations have lessened people’s sense of connectedness with their communities. There’s also a growing cynicism toward politics and politicians. Certainly in Canada during the last year, the controversy over the sponsorship scandal has generated a new wave of anger over how governments handle taxpayers’ dollars Source.

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Tuesday June 15, 2004