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Blending the political right
MPs for Canada's new conservative party will be asked to map their future together at a historic parliamentary retreat some time before the middle of January, The Globe and Mail has learned.

Sources said Sunday that Progressive Conservative Leader Peter MacKay will raise the issue Monday as the party's caucus meets after Saturday's huge majority vote to merge with the Canadian Alliance.

The source said the two sides will have to discuss preparation for the coming session of Parliament, ironing out critic positions, House officers and even who will lead the party before it selects a leader.

"Maybe it will be some sort of a social gathering that can be worked out," a senior source said.

Mr. MacKay and Canadian Alliance Leader Stephen Harper spoke for about two hours Sunday about how to map out the technical portion of the merger.

Mr. MacKay said yesterday he plans to tell his MPs Monday that it is important for them for come together after a rough fight that has seen some Tory members say they will leave the caucus. Source.

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December 6, 2003