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Shopping for portrait painter
The man whose loping gait and prominent chin once made easy targets for Ontario's editorial cartoonists returned to the legislature yesterday, this time in search of a more flattering portrait.

Mike Harris, who stepped down as premier some 18 months ago, was spotted admiring the portraits of his predecessors as he strode purposefully down the carpeted halls of Queen's Park.

It's government tradition that portraits of former premiers hang in the halls of the legislature; Harris -- who's due for one of his own -- said he wanted to look at them.

"I'm looking to pick an artist to paint my portrait; that's it," a visibly peeved Harris told the throng of reporters and cameras that gathered around him, perhaps out of habit.

Liberal Finance Minister Greg Sorbara offered some advice to the province's former leader.

"He should choose a very conservative painter because he was a very conservative premier and we'll make sure that it's hung in a very conservative place in the building," Sorbara joked.

In fact, when the portrait is complete, it'll hang right next to the door to the cabinet office, where a towering painting of former premier Bob Rae hung for most of Harris's time in office. Source.

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December 5, 2003