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Dalton's energy plan
It's understandable that Dalton McGuinty's government is focused so muchon the $5.6-billion deficit left by the Conservative government. But that focus must not be maintained too narrowly to the detriment of other substantial issues.

It is both disappointing and worrisome that last week's speech from the throne neglected to discuss self-sufficient and affordable electrical power, one of the highest priorities for Ontarians, particularly in the shadow of the massive blackout in August. It would be folly for the Liberals to side-step the hydro issue -- it is on the triumvirate of hydro, education and healthcare that voters will measure the success of this government.

It's certainly a relief that Ontario avoided blame for the August blackout, but that doesn't mean all is well with our energy supply. The fact our power infrastructure is not protected against the cascading impact of failure in a neighbouring system should be cause for great concern. After the release of an interim report on the causes of the blackout, Ontario Energy Minister Dwight Duncan noted the need to "modernize our hydro system and improve the reliability and security of Ontario's electricity supply." Source.

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November 25, 2003