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City's sports ambassador whoops it up.
Hamilton sports ambassador Cecilia Carter-Smith was in the front row of the press stand facing City Hall as Igor Astarloa was proclaimed world champion of men's road cycling on Sunday.

With Canadian flags painted on both cheeks and wearing a Maple Leaf flag like a cape, Carter-Smith whooped and hollered and high-fived Heritage Canada's Vanessa Pyrca as the leaders crossed the finish line.

"Omigosh, world champion, it gives me goose bumps," she said as Astarloa's victory was announced.

Carter-Smith, who set a world track record in 1966, knows what it is like to be an athlete competing at the highest levels.

And as a volunteer who worked hard to make the 2003 Road World Cycling Championships a success for Hamilton, she was savouring a victory shared by others on the race committee.

Carter-Smith, a Spectator sports columnist and member of Hamilton's 2010 Commonwealth Games bid corporation, said that she was sure the smooth running of the cycling races would help Hamilton when it goes up against New Delhi in the competition to be host city next month.

"I'm so pumped," she said. "We made a statement about Hamilton today and this whole week. Source.

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October 14, 2003