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The Hamilton Spectator
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A letter to the Editor (Spectator) 'Snow removal: Our Christmas was ruined' (Dec. 28).

This Ancaster resident complains that her family's Christmas was "ruined" because relatives couldn't get through snow-clogged streets.

Our family was one of the many who had a loved one unceremoniously roused from sleep by the ringing of the phone at 3 a.m. Christmas Day so he could get out and make the streets as safe as possible for everyone.

We didn't see our loved ones until mid-afternoon when they were relieved by another group of workers who cut their Christmas celebrations short.

And, since we live on a side street, it wasn't cleared till late that evening. But that didn't prevent cars from travelling on our street to visit their families. Rather than sitting and complaining and allowing the snow to "ruin" our Christmas, we made the best of it, spending our day shovelling the snow from our sidewalks and calling Christmas greetings to neighbours who were doing the same. Source.

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Saturday January 4, 2003