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Enough socialist brainwashing
With all the opinions and spin bombarding the bewildered public, it is difficult to separate the pragmatic approach to health-care reform from the dogmas of conflicting ideologies.

There are no doubt those who want private service and can afford it. That is not the case with the vast majority. Federal politicians plead for co-operation, not finger pointing. Some suspect that co-operation means "we do what we want and you don't complain."

One aspect that stands out is the continued and, no doubt, purposeful misinterpretation of private participation. Socialist brainwashers argue that private suppliers of health care are evil and should be illegal, even though almost 100 per cent of doctors are private suppliers to a single payer system.

For example, even if a qualified supplier were willing to risk investing in an MRI clinic, feeling he could make a profit by contracting services to the health-care system, he'd be subject to the standards and billing procedures of the system. If he conformed to procedures for doctors and specialized clinics, what could be the objection?

Misrepresenting this as "American style" is not only dishonest but damaging to the prospects of success. Are critics suggesting that, after investing big bucks for facilities the government would not have to buy, the investor should not be compensated for his services? Or is it the lust for control and regulation so dear to socialists? Source.

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December 3, 2002