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Wednesday October 31, 2001
Many young Canadians are planning to make a Halloween fashion statement about our troubled times this year. While vampires, witches and ghosts will grace the trick-or-treat trail, expect to see more would-be firefighters and police officers on the streets as well.

The unheralded public servants may be lacking in magical powers, but many young people view them as heroes for their work as life-savers during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.

Montrealer Jason Dixon, 14, said some of his friends are keeping the blood-and-gore garb on the shelf this year to pay homage to men and women in uniform.

"I have one friend who's (dressing as a firefighter) because of the incident on Sept. 11, just to honour them," said Dixon, who is opting to be a professional mountain biker in his Halloween act.

"As a matter of fact, he says he wants to be a fireman someday," Dixon said of his friend.

Police officer uniforms have been flying off the shelves for weeks at specialty stores and major retail outlets across the country, said Randy Scotland, a spokesman for the Retail Council of Canada.

"We're seeing that doctors, nurses, firemen's outfits are very hot this year," said Scotland, whose group represents 9,000 retailers. Source.

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Heroism: This Year's Theme For Halloween