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The Hamilton Spectator
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June 20, 2001
Move over Pigskin Pete.

Former Hamilton mayor Bob Morrow has officially jumped aboard the Hamilton Tiger-Cats bandwagon.

He has joined the club's payroll as a consultant.

"He's acting in a bit of a consulting role with us," Tiger-Cats co-owner George Grant confirmed yesterday.

"He's helping to introduce us to corporate Canada, in the Hamilton area, with people that he knows. He's a guy who's always been a big Ticat fan."

While Morrow will be paid for his efforts, Grant declined to say how much the former mayor will receive.

"We are not asking him to do volunteer work. I'm not going to disclose what type of remuneration he will receive, that's up to him to say. But we have engaged him as a consultant for which he is being paid," Grant said.

Morrow, who served as Hamilton mayor for 19 years before losing the November municipal election to Mayor Bob Wade, wouldn't confirm the team is paying him.

"That's between me and them."

Morrow did say his involvement with the team will be on a short-term basis. "I'm doing a bit of stuff for them.

"I'm having a bit of fun with it," he said, adding he has made some calls for the club in a bid to line up some corporate sponsors. Source.

Ticats hire Morrow; Former mayor business booster